Waterproof Pet Umbrella Dog
Waterproof Pet Umbrella Dog

Waterproof Pet Umbrella Dog

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Item Description:

·    MaterialPE film 

·    SizeDimensions: 63*11*1.7 cm

·    Color Transparent 

·    Item TypePet Umbrella

·    Quantity1

·    Weight 400g

·    BrandComzendle


1.It works well as long as your dog is less than 12 lbs 22" length Puppy (Yorkie/Teddy/Pomeranian/Poodle)

2.Built-in leash hoo (which is a short chain--10" length), it will help to connect to your dog collar and keeping the umbrella closer to your dog.

3.Easy grip handle.

4.Transparent umbrella body allows for full view of your pet while walking. 

5.The fabric of the dog umbrella is waterproof. 

6.Pet Umbrella keeps your pet dry and comfortable in rain, sleet or snow. 

Package Included:

·    1 x Transparent Waterproof Pet Umbrella